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On writing your own systematic review paper

All students on the research informed practice module write an original systematic review paper.  This is a challenging task and develops a skill that many employers value. Here’s what students have said about the experience:

Being challenged and stretched

On reflection I now appreciate the benefits behind producing a systematic review. Although it was a demanding experience and undoubtedly hard work, I have gained many advantageous skills. For me, aspects like database searching are essential skills for a training health psychologist and researcher. Such proficiencies demonstrate a good level of competency and conscientiousness which has the potential to reflect in my writing. Furthermore because of this assessment I now appreciate the benefits of seeking assistance in areas that are not my strong point and will continue to do so should it be necessary.

An achievement to remember

Once I had completed the assignment I could look back at the lecture with relief knowing that my hard work was worthwhile. I also felt an enormous sense of achievement as I had developed an invaluable skill and could write a review in a short space of time; this has increased my self-efficacy and confidence in my own abilities to deal with difficult tasks. When faced with other challenges in my future career and also in my personal life I will always have this experience to look back on to help me.

Confident and employable

As a next step I plan to update my academic curriculum vitae and include all of the skills I have developed from producing a systematic review. While I still feel as if I would need some level of supervision should I have to produce a future review, I believe I have significantly improved my knowledge and have developed a number of transferable competencies. As a result of gaining these skills, I now feel more adaptable and employable to a variety of potential health psychology job-roles and this should be evident to future employers.

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