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On skills development and employability

Students on our professional practice module take part in at least one learning session in which they identify and update their current skills, and compare these to ‘hot off the press’ job adverts.  Here is how some students felt after doing this:

Been rejected for jobs in the past – more confident now

Although I felt the task was relatively simple, I was apprehensive. I think this stemmed from repeated rejections from research assistant jobs I had applied for after my BSc. I thought I would once again feel incompetent and that obtaining this type of job would be difficult. Although I do not want to become complacent, I was surprised at the amount of new skills I had learnt and how much more developed my existing skills had become after just two months of being on this course.

Time I started recognising and documenting my new skills

After the session I immediately felt more confident in my ability. This was important for me to recognise as I had not acknowledged my skills in this way before. The approach used today is definitely something I will utilise in the future and throughout my career. On reflection I feel that I benefited from the task within the session today. I hadn’t really given much thought to the new skills I had acquired, such as my ability to conduct a systematic review and thematically analyse data, and skills that I have developed.

Look how far I’ve come after just two months on the course!

I feel my confidence has increased and I feel more employable as a result of today’s task, even if this is subjective. This is after only two months of teaching. My placement at the Research Centre and assignments required from the course has contributed to these feelings. I haven’t felt this way in a long time, especially after constant rejections from job applications I completed after my undergraduate degree. Overall, today’s session highlighted the reality of my potential in health psychology and what I could offer to employers.

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