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Free Workshop: Helping Overcome Problems Effectively

hope flyer pic

Our friends at the HOPE programme are having a free interactive workshop on 6th November. This is a chance for any interested person (patient, carer, student, staff, researcher, commissioner, etc.) to meet members of the HOPE team and experience some of the behaviour change activities supported by the programme.

HOPE is a flexible self-management programme for patients with a range of long term conditions including, cancer, dementia, HIV, parents of children with Autistic Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and carers of people with long term conditions.

Apologies for the poor quality pic but I only had a hard copy of the flyer at the time of writing. Well worth visiting www.hopeprogramme.co.uk to find out more. The workshop is 12.15-1.45 pm in RC125 (First floor Richard Crossman Building, Coventry University CV1 5RW).

Training in the psychology of mindfulness, acceptance and commitment


What is it?

We offer introductory training that develops knowledge and skills in

  • The psychology of mindfulness, acceptance and commitment
  • Practical skills in mindfulness based interventions
  • The evidence base for mindfulness based interventions in mental and physical health settings

Who is it for?

This training is suitable for anyone who works with others to help them accept, adjust to and cope with difficult life circumstances, for example, those with long term health conditions, chronic pain, or stress.

If you have a number of people who want to be trained, we can bring the training to you and tailor the programme to your specific needs. We also run training days on our Coventry campus, for individuals to attend. These too can be tailored to meet the needs of the individuals who sign up.

When is it?

Our on-campus workshop in mindfulness approaches will be on 4th September 2013. For further details or to book a place click here.

psst… wanna see the questions on the May exam paper?

OK so the exam has already taken place and this is no longer top secret, but it gives an insight into what students learn on our course. Here is the recent paper from the Long Term Conditions module. This is the only exam on the programme:

1. Critically compare two models of disability with the biopsychosocial approach taken in health psychology.

2. Evaluate the arguments for mixed-condition self-management programmes as opposed to condition-specific programmes in chronic illness.

3. Critically assess the value of patient reported outcomes as a means of evaluating health interventions.

4. What are the psychosocial issues patients typically face when they have cancer, and what self management support may help?

5. What are the psychosocial issues patients typically face when they have asthma, and what self management support may help?

6. What are the psychosocial issues patients and their carers typically face when a patient has dementia? What support might a health psychologist recommend?

Changing health…

Changing health service

Ever since the NHS was created it has been dominated by two services – hospitals and GP care. But if the health service is to thrive in the 21st Century that will have to change. There will need to be a third pillar – the community service (or integrated care as it is known in the NHS). The term covers services aimed at people with long-term conditions. They are the patients who need care as there is no cure.

This is how the BBC have described the pressing need for health services to meet the needs of people with chronic conditions. More on this and the imminent changes to the structure and function of the NHS at the BBC health news site.