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Some evidence showing our CPD workshops are effective

Our Motivational Interviewing training significantly increased NHS rehab professionals’ confidence in supporting health behaviour change.

A poster evaluating our MI training was presented at the European Health Psychology Society annual conference 2010. Here is a summary:

Objectives: Guidelines on behaviour change, from the National Institute for Health & Clinical Excellence (NICE) require health professionals to engage patients in discussions about appropriate behaviour change. Motivational interviewing has been used in health promotion, primary prevention, and chronic disease management. Rehabilitation professionals including occupational therapists, speech & language therapists and physiotherapists were offered training in motivational interviewing, to assist them in implementing NICE guidelines. This paper reports on the outcomes of that training.
Design: 31 rehabilitation professionals attended a one day introductory course in motivational interviewing. Prior to training, they self reported (on a zero to ten scale) how important it was for them to engage their patients in various aspects of behaviour change. They were also asked (on a zero to ten scale) how confident they were in their ability to engage their patients in these aspects. Post-training, this confidence was self-assessed again.
Results: All the aspects of behaviour change were deemed important to participants (ratings of 7.52- 9.39, mean 8.62). Pre- and post- training confidence ratings increased significantly for all aspects of behaviour change. Qualitative comments made on evaluation forms indicated that motivational interviewing might need to be adapted for use with some rehabilitation patients, e.g. those with severe cognitive impairments or communication difficulties.
Conclusions: Training significantly enhanced participants’ confidence in being able to implement NICE guidelines. Further research is needed to investigate what adaptations of motivational interviewing might be required for use in rehabilitation settings.

Our CPD workshop (May 2013) on applying cognitive behavioural approaches to health behaviour change increased participants’ confidence in relevant skills.

Here is a quick picture of their self-rated confidence pre- and post- training (green and yellow bars respectively). A more detailed report will follow.

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