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Attendance requirement

We take a register in every scheduled class. To pass a module with scheduled classes you need to attend at least 80% of classes. If you will be absent for good reason please let the module leader and course director know (an email or text is ideal).  If you tell us in advance that you’ll be absent this is helpful but of course it is not always practical. Just let us know as soon as reasonably possible.  If this is after the session that’s fine.

If you fall below the 80% attendance on any given module but manage to make at least 60% of sessions you can undertake some additional ‘catch up’ work.  If you fall below 60% or don’t do satisfactory catch up work you won’t pass the module.

If you have personal circumstances that mean you struggle to attend (or do your coursework) please do let us know.  We’ll do our best to support you. All students have a named personal tutor.  You’ll find out who this is by the end of week one of the course. You are also welcome to contact any member of the core teaching team, the course admin office in Psychology & Behavioural Sciences, or any of the University’s welfare team.

These module attendance requirements linked to passing each module in the course are in addition to the university’s own attendance policy. International students in particular should take note of any attendance requirements linked to their visa status.

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