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Typical Careers in Health Psychology


The British Psychological Society has a Division for Health Psychology. If you visit their site it will give you an idea of the range of work health psychologists do. Graduates from stage 1 programmes (like our MSc Health Psychology) may go on to pursue future paths such as:

Stage 2 Trainee currently doing a PhD at university

Stage 2 Trainee working as a Researcher/Care Advisor for the patient/research charity

Stage 2 Trainee working as a Researcher and Part-time Lecturer in health psychology at university

Stage 2 Trainee working as a Trainee Health Psychologist within NHS Trust

Senior Lecturer in Health Psychology

NHS Consultant Health Psychologist

Chartered Health Psychologist

N.B. For roles where you use the protected title ‘Health Psychologist’ you would need to complete stage 2 health psychology training and apply to join the Health & Care Professions Council register.

If you would like to do stage 2 health psychology training, please look at the advice on the BPS Division of Health Psychology website.

We also have further information on the career destinations of our MSc graduates. Some of them come back to work for us!

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