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M97PY Interactions and Outcomes in Health Care Practice


This module covers a range of applied topics including:

  • Communication in healthcare settings between doctors and patients and between health care professionals themselves
  • Representations of health and illness and coping with illness for both adults and children, including decisions around treatment and adherence to medical regimes
  • The impact of hospitalisation and ways to help patients prepare for stressful procedures, including screening
  • The psychological and ethical factors surrounding screening and vaccination, and the dilemma of breaking bad news

This module develops students applied theoretical skills. All sessions involve the combination of lecture and practical seminar. The practical seminars allow students to develop confidence in their practical skills and work in teams on practical problems.

Guest lecturers include speakers with in-depth knowledge on adherence to medication and psychological factors in screening procedures.

Students in the past have produced presentations on a range of topics, including HIV and cultural representations, diabetes and communication with children, decision making and coping with breast cancer, psychological impact of hospital for children, preparing adults for stressful procedures, cultural dilemmas around vaccination.

Click here for a short article which discusses the psychology of health screening – one of the issues we cover in this module.

Module disclaimer: We regularly review our course content, to make it relevant and current for the benefit of our students. For these reasons, course modules may be updated.

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