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M147PY Dissertation Preparation in Health Psychology


The aim of this module is to engage you in supervised but independent work at an advanced level. This will comprise designing an original empirical project.

You will be encouraged to integrate and practice the skills acquired during the course and to plan an investigation at Masters level in an area of specific interest to you. Additionally you will be expected to demonstrate a critical and evaluative understanding of the research process including the ethics, issues and problems in empirical research within health psychology.

The module will be assessed by one piece of coursework, which will be a research protocol with accompanying submission ready for review by the university ethics system.

If you successfully complete this module you will be able to

1. Design a substantial and original piece of empirical research in the field of health psychology whilst working within appropriate ethical, resource, ability and time boundaries.

2. Produce a research protocol and the accompanying documents required for a submission to the university research ethics review system.

There are no scheduled classes. Sessions to support your work on this dissertation preparation module will be provided in M145PY Introducing professional practice in health psychology. Your work on this module should include meetings with your supervisory team to be arranged at mutually convenient times.

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