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M152PY Introducing Research Informed Practice in Health Psychology


There are two main aims to this module. The first is to engage you with examples of the practice and application of health psychology. Within classes you will be exposed to up-to-date research and current issues within the profession. Taught sessions will cover systematic literature reviews, choosing research collaborators, complying with professional governance, developing a skills portfolio and using it to plan continuing development, plus speaker sessions from different areas of professional practice, e.g. cognitive behaviour coaching, co-creation of health, motivational interviewing.

Your experiences and opinions are particularly valued in these sessions and you are encouraged to take an active participatory role. Classes should get you thinking and some may present ideas or activities that are quite challenging. You should begin to reflect on your learning experiences and practice documenting these in a reflective diary.

The second aim of the module is to begin developing applied skills in a research and professional practice setting. One such key skill is synthesising evidence to inform practice. This might include identifying gaps in the research literature, in order to design original empirical studies, identifying and summarising themes within multiple empirical studies, or evaluating the effectiveness of interventions. You will conduct a systematic literature review and write it up in a format ready for submission to a journal.

Module disclaimer: We regularly review our course content, to make it relevant and current for the benefit of our students. For these reasons, course modules may be updated.

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