Sarah Butterworth

Sarah completed her MSc Health Psychology as a full-time student graduating in 2010 whilst also working as a research associate in the NHS. The additional qualification enabled her to become a research fellow in the Research and Innovation public health team in Birmingham and Solihull Mental Health NHS Foundation Trust.

After completing the MSc Sarah continued her dissertation research into male breast cancer alongside her supervisor Liz Sparkes and got to present this at the university. She also took up two other research contracts with the university conducting NHS research into public health problems such as smoking in pregnancy and infant breastfeeding. These studies have been presented at the recent DHP conference in Liverpool and submitted for publication.

“It was great to have the support of the department to continue my research and to work on these really interesting projects within public health and health promotion. I am hoping to become a chartered health psychologist and to undertake Stage 2 via the BPS portfolio route as soon as I can.”

S, J. Butterworth, E. Sparkes, A. Trout, and K. Brown (2012) Perceptions of current smoking cessation services for pregnant women; opinions from past, current and prospective service-users, Department of Health Psychology Annual Conference Presentation, Liverpool.

S.J Butterworth, P, Patterson and S, Greenfield (2012) Creating new healthcare spaces in mental health (in preparation)

Butterworth, S. and Sparkes, E. Men with breast cancer: a review of the qualitative literature, (submitted).

Sarah is also author of all content written on the Birmingham & Solihull Mental Health Foundation Trust youth mental health and wellbeing website (2012)

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