Nimrita Bahia

Nimrita Bahia completed her MSc in Health Psychology full time at Coventry University, graduating in 2010. She now works as a Senior Practitioner for the Early Intervention Service under Compass Coventry. She also runs a private clinic practising as a hypnotherapist and psychotherapist.
During her time at the University she was lecturing part time Psychology at City College Coventry but having such a keen interest in sexual health research she chose to follow her passion and secured a post locally as a sexual health education worker. This enabled her to continue to work with a client group she most enjoyed (young people), locate a niche and source participants for her dissertation project, and most of all implement theoretical models of health promotion and behaviour change in an applied setting.

“I soon realised teaching was a stopgap, disabling me from helping achieve making a real difference to someone’s life with respects to their health. Having such strong interests in sexual health I sourced oppurtunities which would give me adequate exposure to this field but would satisfy my need for making a difference. It was a demanding role but equally dynamic and impactful which only led me to grow from strength to strength. I was able to shape relationship and sex education (RSE) curriculum for secondary schools in Coventry and have a key input in to equipping practitioners citywide in delivering health education by delivering professional training. The most satisfying aspect of the role was delivering sexual health, self esteem workshops to young men and women in a host of environments, challenging their stereotypes, provoking them to perceive their well being in a different light.”

I visit the University to deliver a guest lecture on Professional Practice discussing working within the sexual health field. It is thrilling to inspire others seeking a career in Health Psychology but it also increases progression to applying for Stage 2 training in chartered Health Psychology. I continue to work with young people and consistently apply theory and knowledge from the course in changing young people’s lives.

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