Kristina Curtis

Kristina completed her MSc Health Psychology with distinction in September 2010. Shortly after, Kristina was awarded a Scholarship at WMG (The University of Warwick) to carry out research in behaviour change and technology. Kristina joined the Institute of Digital Healthcare within WMG, where she began her research on the potential of Health Apps to change health behaviour.

During the first year of Kristina’s PhD, she voluntarily supported NHS Warwickshire in the development of an online survey for an evaluation of the ‘Passport to Health’ initiative which helped her to build relationships within NHS Warwickshire’s public Health team. Along with her supervisor’s recommendations to NHS Warwickshire to utilise Kristina’s knowledge of health apps, Kristina was asked to develop a theoretically grounded Healthy eating App to support parents in managing their children’s weight and awarded £10,000. Kristina decided to make this the focus of her PhD.

Kristina is also a guest lecturer in the MSc Health Psychology programme, a module leader for Intro to Psychology for Exercise, Health and Nutrition for first year students and supervises four final year undergraduate dissertations.

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