Success stories

Here are some people who have studied, trained or undertaken continuous professional development with us. We’ve included this under ‘Meet the Team’ as we like to stay in touch with our graduates as their careers progress. We often invite them back to share their expertise and experience with us and our current students. Some of these links are to external sites such as LinkedIn, so please forgive us (and maybe let us know) if the links stop working .

We try to stay in touch (or at least keep track) of our graduates (without being creepy) but we can lose touch – especially if someone gets married and changes their name. If you’d like to be added to our list please do get in touch.  Let us know too if we need to update our records.

You may also notice that we try to hang on to our MSc health psychology graduates.  It is not unusual for them to take up paid employment in the university.  Some also set up spin off projects and companies.  We are a small course with a long history and plenty of professional contacts.  We provide lots of opportunities for teamworking and establishing contacts that will help your career progress.

Helen Albrow

Kubra Anwar

Nimrita Bahia

Rachael Barker

Shahreen Bashir

Alison Baxter

Julie Bayley

Claire Bourne

Christine Broughan

Sarah Butterworth

Kristina Curtis

Anjulie Dhillon

Rhiannon Edwards

Niall Galbraith

Prabneet Gill

Puja Joshi

Isher Kehal

Karen Maher

Leena Myllari

Katie Newby

Shilpa Patel

Liz Sparkes

Lucy Tindall

Elaine Walklet

Simon Wilkes

We have many (many!) successful graduates and hope to add more links in due course.

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