Liz Sparkes

Having completed her MSc in Health Psychology at Coventry University, Liz went on to work in behaviour change.

Dr Liz Sparkes (@lizzeduarte) leads a module on the course and also leads our sister course MSc Mindfulness & Compassion. She has interests in mindfulness, pregnancy and pain management. She also writes for @HuffPostUK

Liz has previously worked for the NHS where she supported the set up of a service for patients wishing to make changes to their health behaviours within mental health settings; she has experience in brief interventions in CBT, motivational interviewing and mindfulness. Liz has also been involved in overseeing the running of service/campaign evaluations for local PCT’s, including breast feeding and smoking cessation services.

Liz’s research interests include pain psychology/ management, the impact of mindfulness practices and contested/hidden illness experience from both the patient and health care professional perspectives. Liz recently completed her PhD for which she was awarded a scholarship, investigating the psychological factors that impact on the long term efficacy of treatments for chronic pain.

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