Carol Percy

image Carol’s main research interests are in the patient’s perspective, experience and role in health and illness. She has done research on media representations of illness, patients’ illness perceptions, experience of healthcare, and the impact of illness on identity.

Carol is especially interested in qualitative research, and interventions that support and empower patients to manage their own health. Carol has been a tutor for the Expert Patient Programme, and is trained in the use of CBT, motivational interviewing and mindfulness approaches to health and illness. She contributes to health behaviour change workshops on these topics. Carol is currently developing an online peer support programme to help women with polycystic ovary syndrome self-manage their condition. This being done in association with Coventry University’s HOPE programme.

In terms of teaching, Carol’s interests are in supporting students’ skills development to take a person-centred approach, and to use digital collaboration and peer support skills.

Percy, C., & Murray, S. (2010). The role of an online peer-to-peer health community in addressing psychosocial concerns and social support in polycystic ovary syndrome. International Journal of Web Based Communities, 6(4), 349-361.

Percy, C. A., Gibbs, T., Potter, L., & Boardman, S. (2009). Nurse-led peer support group: Experiences of women with polycystic ovary syndrome. Journal of Advanced Nursing, 65(10), 2046-2055.

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