Adam Jowett

Dr Adam Jowett teaches qualitative methods on the Advanced Qualitative Research Methods module and guest lectures on other modules for the Health Psychology Masters Programme.

Adam’s research interests mainly concern intersections of sexuality and health. He has a particular interest in lesbian and gay health but has also conducted research on topics such as social adjustment after stroke. Adam’s PhD was in critical health psychology which has a focus on critical ideas (e.g. social constructionism) and qualitative approaches (e.g. discourse analysis) to understanding health and illness. Critical health psychology also emphasises the social, political and cultural dimensions of health and illness (e.g. poverty, heterosexism) and has a commitment to the well-being of marginalised social groups. Adam is Honorary Secretary for the British Psychological Society’s Qualitative Methods in Psychology Section.

Jowett, A., and Peel, E. (2012) ‘Physical Health’. In Intersectionality, Sexuality and Psychological Therapies: Working with Lesbian, Gay and Bisexual Diversity. Ed. by das Nair, R., and Butler, C. Chichester: Wiley – BPS Blackwell

Jowett, A., Peel, E., and Shaw, R.L. (2012) ‘Sex and Diabetes: A Thematic Analysis of Gay and Bisexual Men’s Accounts’. Journal of Health Psychology 17 (3), 409-418

Jowett, A., and Peel, E. (2009) ‘Chronic illness in non-heterosexual contexts: an online survey of experiences’. Feminism and Psychology 19 (4), 454-474

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