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Meet The Team


Our postgraduates programmes are located within the School of Psychological, Social & Behavioural Sciences, a large school offering numerous undergraduate and postgraduate courses, including, for example MSc Occupational Psychology, DClin Psych and IAPT.

The core team dedicated to Health Psychology are:

Adam Jowett

Carol Percy

Karen Maher

Krishna Bhatti

Liz Sparkes

Because this is a professional training course with a very applied focus, we also have numerous guest speakers from outside Psychology & Behavioural Sciences.  These vary from year to year, according to the latest developments in research and practice.  Here are just a few of the people who have been guest contributors:

Ainsley Hardy

Alastair Gray

Amy Baraniak

Anna Phillips

Doug Carroll

Elaine Walklet*

Isher Kehal*

Jude Hancock

Katherine Brown

Kristina Curtis*

Kubra Anwar*

Lou Atkinson

Nimrita Bahia*

Noelle Robertson

Puja Joshi*

Rui Duarte

Stef Williams

*People with an asterisk next to their name are graduates of our MSc programme.  As you can see, we value our students and graduates and like to stay in touch!

If you’d like to contact a member of our team, please use the contact form below.

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