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Health Psychology and Public Health


Health psychology theory and research has been used to inform, develop and evaluate many public health programmes. Here are some examples of applications from around the world.

Aarø, L. E., Flisher, A. J., Kaaya, S., Onya, H., Fuglesang, M., Klepp, K. -., & Schaalma, H. (2006). Promoting sexual and reproductive health in early adolescence in South Africa and Tanzania: Development of a theory- and evidence-based intervention programme. Scandinavian Journal of Public Health, 34(2), 150-158.

Byrd, T. L., Wilson, K. M., Smith, J. L., Heckert, A., Orians, C. E., Vernon, S. W., . . . Fernandez, M. E. (2012). Using intervention mapping as a participatory strategy: Development of a cervical cancer screening intervention for Hispanic women. Health Education and Behavior, 39(5), 603-611.

Corbie-Smith, G., Akers, A., Blumenthal, C., Council, B., Wynn, M., Muhammad, M., & Stith, D. (2010). Intervention mapping as a participatory approach to developing an HIV prevention intervention in rural African American communities. AIDS Education and Prevention, 22(3), 184-202.

Day, R. S., Nakamori, M., & Yamamoto, S. (2004). Recommendations to develop an intervention for Japanese youth on weight management. Journal of Medical Investigation, 51(3-4), 154-162.

Hou, S. I., Fernandez, M. E., & Parcel, G. S. (2004). Development of a cervical cancer educational program for Chinese women using intervention mapping. Health Promotion Practice, 5(1), 80-87.

Leerlooijer, J. N., Ruiter, R. A. C., Reinders, J., Darwisyah, W., Kok, G., & Bartholomew, L. K. (2011). The world starts with me: Using intervention mapping for the systematic adaptation and transfer of school-based sexuality education from Uganda to Indonesia. Translational Behavioral Medicine, 1(2), 331-340.

Leshabari, S. C., Koniz-Booher, P., Astrøm, A. N., De Paoli, M. M., & Moland, K. M. (2006). Translating global recommendations on HIV and infant feeding to the local context: The development of culturally sensitive counselling tools in the Kilimanjaro region, Tanzania. Implementation Science, 1(1)

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