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MSc graduate moves on to PhD

Congratulations to recent graduate Prabneet Gill who took her MSc Health Psychology at Coventry in 2014/15.  Prabneet has gone on to take up a place on a PhD in Health and Population Sciences at the University of Birmingham.


“My project is on multi-morbidity, which is the co-occurrence of two or more chronic medical conditions in one person.  This can present many problems for the NHS and if not managed appropriately, can exacerbate symptoms and cause complications to occur.  I will be working in collaboration with local University hospitals and be focusing specifically on  the self-management aspect of multi-morbidity.  I will mainly be conducting research on patients to gain an insight into what barriers they face when managing their conditions (whether this is in primary care itself or other issues) and what can be done to remove these barriers.  Finally, I will be creating an intervention to help empower patients and to encourage greater independence and self-management of their conditions.  Hopefully the project will give an up-to-date insight into a growing area of healthcare in the UK, and may inform how clinicians across disciplines can administer more consistent care.”

We wish Prabneet success in her research and we hope she’ll be back to visit us some time to inspire current and future students.

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