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Making the Duchess a yummy mummy?


In their Huffington Post blog Dr Raj Persaud and Kathleen A. Martin Ginis recently cited work done by a student on our MSc Health Psych course. Persaud and Martin Ginis pointed out that an august British broadsheet promoted a photo story scrutinising the Duchess of Cambridge’s post-pregnancy figure over coverage of the humanitarian crisis in Syria. This, the bloggers argue, reflects a general trend towards media obsession with women’s weight gain during pregnancy and the ‘race’ to return to a pre-pregnancy shape.

One Australian study was cited, suggesting that popular media coverage of celebrity pregnancy glamorises post-partum weight loss. Our student Shahreen Bashir and her co-authors Liz Sparkes, Kubra Anwar and Ellinor Olander countered with evidence that British women (at least) report paying little heed to the ‘role modelling’ offered by celebrity stories.

Shahreen conducted this research for her MSc Health Psychology Dissertation and we’re very pleased to see it is contributing to public debate.

Photo credit: Christopher Neve http://www.flickr.com/photos/43003235@N04/9355181254/in/photostream/

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